Why it it important to solve mock test papers?


Anton Chekhov once stated that, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice”; and this exactly explains why we should solve as many mock tests as we can before our actual exams.

Mock tests are nothing but practice papers which will prepare you all by enhancing your performance, so that by the time you sit for your exam, you would have left no stone unturned. Therefore, let’s see how mock – tests play an important role in your preparation for law entrance examinations.

Firstly, mock tests not just add on to your knowledge bank, but prepare you in whole and are crucial to your preparation. At times like this, when one has gone through almost all the topics that will be covered in the exams, one starts procrastinating and to save the day, mock tests come into the picture. By solving them, you can keep up the pace of your preparation and not let laziness seep into your routine.

Mock-tests are one of the best methods of revision. It not just brings in accuracy in your preparation but also efficiency. Since time management has always been a crucial part of these entrance exams, it becomes essential that you are prepared in a way that in the given span of time, you manage to cover every aspect of the paper. Therefore, by solving these practice papers, you will get a clear idea of how much time will be sufficient for a particular section and divide it accordingly.

Based on the analysis of attempted mock – tests, you can strategize in a better way. While solving these papers, you can just switch upon different ways of attempting the papers until you find the most satisfactory one. And on the final day of the exam, you will not have to put extra efforts in dealing with questions such as ‘what section should I attempt first?’, ‘how much time should I devote to this section?’ etc., instead you can go ahead and logically attempt your exams.

Solving mock-test papers brings in familiarity with whole exam-environment and will build up your exam temperament. It will familiarize you with the paper pattern; types of questions, different difficulty levels of the mock papers will help you in dealing with any type of question, which may come up in your exams. This will help you in avoiding that last minute panic, that may arise when you come across the actual question paper because there will be no fear of unknown.

In depth analysis of these attempted mock tests will help you in realizing your mistakes especially the silly mistakes (for instance I used to skip reading the whole paragraphs in English, but while solving mocks realized that it was wrong since I was incorrectly attempting those questions, the answers to which were there in front of my eyes!).

You will be in a better position to judge your strengths and weaknesses on the basis of your scores. This is important because in the last week or so, you will know the areas that you will have to revise and work upon compared to other sections. You will realize what topics to brush up upon and which ones to leave.

Mock tests are one of the best sources of questions that you can put your hands on. This is because preparation of a practice test is done while keeping in mind the actual exam paper pattern and difficulty level. All the questions in papers are very logically incorporated and therefore, solving mock – tests is any day better than solving questions of individual sections. 

Last but not the least, solving the mock – test papers will give you motivation and confidence to go ahead, even if on some days you will score less, always remember that “Practice makes a man perfect”!      

Practicing high quality mocks are very important for getting feel of the final exam. You can check Acing CLAT’s sample papers in the resource section after login. GNLU students have designed the mock test papers for the upcoming law students; who else will better guide you than the one who have themselves cleared this exam!

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