Legal Reasoning – CLAT 2020

        Divisha Agarwal (4th Year, GNLU)


Hello aspirants!

I hope your preparations are going well and you all are solving as many mock-tests as possible. Now, as stated in my earlier blog, I have come up with in-depth sectional analysis for CLAT 2020; and in this article, I will be discussing all about ‘Legal Reasoning’ the major changes that took place, pattern of the questions and how you should go about it!

1.  What are the major changes?

Earlier, the section comprised of Legal GK as well as Principle-Fact questions and required you to have a lot of prior legal knowledge to clearly interpret the principles and the facts and then appropriately choose the correct answer.

But now there is a total change in the question pattern. You will now be given a paragraph of around 450 words and based on each paragraph, 4-5 questions will be asked from you and you will have to answer accordingly. In totality, you can expect 37-38 questions from this section.


2.  What will be the pattern of questions?

The paragraphs will be related to current legal debates from newspapers, or any legal concept from cited books, or it can be some other article or text, which is related to public policy or law. The questions will be either fact-situation or scenarios based on the paragraph, or related to moral or public policies.


3.  How to prepare for the new pattern?

        The questions will test your inferential reasoning, based on the paragraphs. Though Legal GK is eliminated, and prior legal knowledge is not a requirement anymore, it will be highly beneficial if you are aware of the legal topics or debates going around the country as well as world. This will allow you to easily understand and comprehend the context of the given paragraphs.

Therefore, read newspapers and articles. This way, you will be practicing for English by reading and improving vocabulary, for current affairs and Gk as it is the newspaper that you are reading and for legal as well because you will well aware of the context, particular paragraph will be based in. 

        You can’t rely on past year papers or legal Gk books for this particular section, because if you do so, you will be totally unfamiliar to the new pattern. Since, legal reasoning holds a great amount of weightage, it cannot be taken lightly and you need to thoroughly practice the questions based on the new paper pattern.

        Small tip for preparing for Legal reasoning is that it is now on similar lines with English and Logical Reasoning; therefore, focus upon the legal section in the news and you will be good to go.

        You can solve sample questions and papers provided by the authentic sources and are qualitative. This is the most important step for preparing legal section because you will not find any prior material for the section and need to rely on the new questions, since, unless you practice the questions, you will not get used to it. This will create a big void in your preparation and will keep you way behind your fellow aspirants in this race of Acing CLAT!   


I hope you are now clear as to what all can be there in ‘Legal Reasoning’. Since there is dearth of updated material in the market, especially for this section, Acing CLAT has launched its very own LEGAL COMPENDIUM and that to at very nominal price. You can check it out and can also look out for our updated mock-test series, especially curated by GNLUites to help you Ace CLAT.

Stay safe and Good Luck!

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