Law Entrance Exams in India

Law Entrance Exams in India

BY Mandar Prakhar
NLUO, Cuttack

There are numerous other law entrance exams that can get you into the best law schools, both public and private. Despite the fact that CLAT is the most well-known of many law school entrance exams, viewing CLAT solely as a law school entrance exam is incorrect. SLAT for Symbiosis Law Schools, AILET for Delhi law colleges, and LSAT for top private law schools are just a few of the most popular exams for the 5-year integrated courses available. A strategy for exam preparation is necessary for any exam, and gaining a blueprint for practising law entrance exams other than CLAT is required for admission to many great law schools such as Jindal Global Law School, AIL, and Institute of Law- NIRMA University. In this article, we’ll discuss the tips and tricks for you to secure a place for yourself in the top law colleges in India.

To begin with first we need to understand the areas where the entrance examinations focus primarily and how to prepare for them.

First, CLAT focuses primarily on compression skills, because the entire paper is comprehensive. As a result, the best way to prepare for CLAT is to start working on previous year papers and appearing for as many mock tests as possible. Aside from that, begin focusing on the current affairs section by reading articles and attempting to keep up with the day’s latest happenings in the country and around the world.

Given the AILET pattern, it has been observed that English and current affairs have a high weightage in this exam, so focusing on improving grammar and staying up to date on what is going on around and in the world is essential. Aspirants should also read newspapers to broaden their knowledge of current events and improve their vocabulary. As per the new paper pattern, Logical Reasoning will be of 70 marks and will also be the tie breaker. You must also complete the previous year’s question paper for this exam. Practicing these also improves effectiveness and time management knowledge.

Tips for LSAT preparation include having a strong command of the English language and, in addition, students should continue to practise logical reasoning because the logical reasoning section is given the most weightage in LSAT India because there is a separate section dedicated to it.

Tips and Strategies to clear the law after +2 entrance exams:

Starting early with law entrance preparation is a brilliant strategy because you will have enough time to examine the law syllabus prior to appearing in any law entrance that you have applied for, such as SLAT, AIL-LET.

Discover the structure of the law entrance exam. The pattern of the law entrance exam should be familiar to law students. Knowing the different sections and mark divisions of the law entrance exam sections is an added benefit because it allows aspirants to plan the time they need to devote to attempting to solve each section of the law entrance exam accordingly.

Solving mocks and sample papers for law school entrance exams will greatly aid your preparation. Students would be wise to prepare for the law entrance exams. Solving law mocks and sample papers demonstrates to students how thorough their preparation for the exam for which they applied is. Mock exams and sample papers give law students rigorous practice for their final exams. This also helps aspirants identify their strengths and weaknesses in pertaining to the law entrance exam. Practicing a number of mocks and sample papers that reflect the students’ strengths and weaknesses in the various sections would be helpful in deciding your strengths and weaknesses for law school entrance.

It is beneficial for students taking exams because knowing and working is advantageous. The most important lesson you will learn during your preparation is how to effectively manage your time. Solving previous year’s study material, sample papers, and mock tests helps students improve their time management skills and ability. In this manner, students learn time management techniques and how to devote the appropriate amount of time to exam paper preparation.

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