How to stay focused for CLAT 2020?

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.”
– Paulo Coelho

Common questions:

Is CLAT 2020 going to be postponed again?

What will be the cut-offs for sample papers provided by the CLAT Consortium?

When should I start practice mock tests?

What should I study now? How much time should I devote for law entrances prep?

Should I have kept any other option?

I am not able to concentrate now..tired of preparation! What should I do?

These are few questions which may be arising in your mind right now. First of all let me tell you that due to lockdown all the entrance examinations (of all fields) are postponed till the time lockdown is continued.

So, it’s not like only law entrances are postponed, so you need not to worry. As soon as situation comes under control, all the entrance exams, competitive exams will be conducted. Even while writing this, I am myself sitting at my home and not in the University. So, do not worry about this. As a law aspirant this should not be your concern from now onwards!

Another irrelevant concern of students is to think and worry about cut-offs on the basis of samples papers published on CLAT Consortium’s website. Look, it depends on a lot of factors, number of students writing the final exam, level of exam (easy, moderate, and difficult), preference list, etc.

So, you should think about cut-off after writing the final paper, not before that. For now, you should focus on your mock scores, improvement in that, or maintaining consistency in mocks scores’. Even do not worry about rank. If 100 people are writing a mock, your rank is just from some 100 students. But in real exam, sixty-seventy thousand will be attempting it, so there’s a difference. I am not scaring you, but you should think practically.

Improve your performance day by day. Now, what should you study now? You have two months with you; try to give more time to revision and less time to study anything new. Revision, revision and revision should be done supplemented with practicing daily mocks with analysis of mocks. For knowing how to attempt mocks, and how to analyse mock tests, blogs are already published. Check them out.

Now, the most important question is how to focus and increase concentration? To focus first unlearn all the things which are becoming obstacles in your preparation. You can use insta, whatsapp, YouTube for whole day and night after CLAT 2020.

Till then, give very less time to social networking sites (including telegram common group as well). Do not give more than the essential time to these sites. Take break when required and you can indulge in some time pass like watching a short film probably in two-three days (if you want) or talking to a friend (not for hours), talking to your family and this will be an investment.

Switch off your phone or keep it on silence while you are studying. Keep it away from you or hide it somewhere when you are studying. If you are sincere, you will be able to do it. If not, you will get thousand excuses to ruin your future.

Be positive, and then only you will be consistent in your preparation. Motivation can end after four days, for competitive exams preparation discipline and consistency in preparation is required.

Divide your day like you take proper eight hours sleep, then study for eight hours and do all other things in remaining eight hours. Now, when you study for eight hours, it should be not like you are watching movie and solving questions, or listening to music and giving mock. Then, honestly you are just wasting your time. It may sound harsh, but you would not be able to ace CLAT with this kind of attitude. There should be a little sense of responsibility and seriousness for your own career. At the end, only your life will be affected with what decisions you are taking at present. So think wisely, choose rightly and decide your schedule sincerely.

It’s just a matter of couple of months or a little more (if extended). After your exams, then enjoy life to the fullest, binge watch movies, insta, and whatsapp after CLAT. For now, you can avoid a lot of things for something fruitful.

Now, make a good strategy for the next few months. Acing CLAT has already provided strategy (section-wise) and overall as well in other blogs. You can check them out.

Daily practicing mocks is very important for CLAT 2020. Solve and analyse them; work on your weaknesses; revise to maintain your strengths; revise more; practice mocks; read new things less. Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. Mental focus is important predictor of a person’s future success.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem”

Good Luck!  Cheers! 

– Shrashti Jain

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