How to attempt mock test papers?

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Ever got doubts like, “how should I attempt my mock test?”, “how many questions should be attempted in the mocks?”, “how to reduce negative marking?”, etc.

So, let’s discuss how a law aspirant should approach mock test papers for getting best attempt in the final examination.

First and the foremost thing is consistency. Motivation can end after the fourth day, but if you are consistent in your practice and preparation; you can improve in your mock test performances very easily.

Now, let’s discuss our approach to solve mocks in points:

·       Keep a timer when you practice a mock. Give it like an actual CLAT exam, in 120 minutes. If you are attempting the mock at home, then give it in your room with no disturbance, creating a simulation of a test centre. Treat mocks like actual CLAT & actual CLAT will be a mock for you!  

·        Prepare yourself for a hot summer day (3-5 PM), so whenever you are writing mock, try to attempt it without any AC, cooler or fan. Try to adapt to the environment which you may get at the centre!

·       Now, give five-six mocks, changing your preference of order of sections that you attempt first and then onwards. So, you can experiment to identify, which order of sections, fetch you the highest marks.

·       Keep a fixed time for each section. Do not continue solving the questions of the same section after time lapses. Do watch your time carefully. Shift to the next section when time gets over. This is how you should attempt a mock. And thus, when you get time in the end, you can come back and solve the remaining questions of that section.

·       Try to read the questions with full focus. During those two hours do not think of anything else. When you will write the actual exam, you will face a lot of disturbances, and probably you will get less time comparatively, but you need to prepare yourself for every externality which can happen. FOCUS ON THE QUESTIONS. It’s not like, you are attempting mock at home, in between having lunch, then solving few questions, then calling a friend and then finishing the paper! Be sincere with your time and investment.  

·       Try to be focused and understand the question in the first reading itself. Practice will lead you to that stage as well; you will be able to understand the question to answer it in seconds.

·       You can have two-three rounds of question papers. So, in the first round solve and write all the questions you are sure shot about. Attempt them. Encircle or you can mark the questions which you want to solve in the second round. These are questions in which you are a little doubtful about the answer, confused between two options; solve these questions in second round, fill the OMR sheet then. In the third round try and attempt those questions that you are not sure about; probably you don’t know anything about them. But still you can try; and if you get the answer or even sometimes you think strongly of an option; with the help of logics and analysis of the options, you can mark the option. Rest questions you can leave.

·       Again, try and experiment in the starting mocks, with the sections you pick; the time when you fill the OMR sheet; experiment like filling it after every section or filling it at the end after solving the whole paper or finishing it after every round (as discussed in above point). And then decide which strategy best suites you.

·       Also, do not forget to carry two-three good HB pencils, and other stationary required. Fill the circles nicely. First make an outline and then darken it. Carry a water-bottle and other essentials.

·       Lastly, try to make your schedule such that you are not in a habit of sleeping between 3-5 PM. Otherwise, it will affect you on the D-day. Also, do not have a heavy lunch, otherwise, you will feel sleepy during exam (for sure)! 

Practicing high quality mocks are very important for getting feel of the final exam. You can check Acing CLAT’s sample papers in the resource section after login. GNLU students have designed the mock test papers for the upcoming law students; who else will better guide you than the one who have themselves cleared this exam!

All the Best!

Shrashti Jain,

Co-founder & Mentor,

Acing CLAT

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