How should I start preparing for CLAT 2020?

Aniket A. Panchal is a first-year undergraduate student reading law at Gujarat National Law University. Using punch lines, he deciphers his convoluted CLAT journey in these thousand words that will surely motivate you to stay on your respective tracks.


        Aniket A. Panchal (1st year, GNLU)


Disclaimer – I’m still not a lawyer and certainly don’t play one on TV so there are probably some points I’ve forgotten. If there are, I’m not responsible for them. I don’t take responsibility for much more than getting myself dressed in the morning.

Let’s dive in.     

My answer deals with five fundamental topics which I believe has the tendency to motivate and guide you through your CLAT journey.

Nose: Firstly, take baby steps. Enrol yourself into a decent coaching institute. It is not necessary to choose the best one but decent would do. Says the experience of a guy who travelled from Surat to Jaipur; thinking it to be the only initiative that he had to take. Just pay attention to the classes and write a myriad of mocks. Yeah, the same words which you’ve heard probably 3,248 times.

Neck: Now that you’ve taken ample of baby steps, and with my help registered those words for 3249th time. It’s time to enter the war room that requires you to take everything as a competition. Be extremely competitive, you know why I say that? Because you want to write an exam that asks you to have the very basic aptitude that could be built and enhanced over a very short period of time. If we talk about me, I was the guy who was not very keen on academics before writing this entrance test. But as soon as I acquainted myself with the subjects it looked interesting and the whole A.I.R. thing got the better of me. My institute had roughly 3000 students, a subset of 60000 students and when I analyzed the subset I found that there were less than 70 students who actually could imagine their life after 1 year and took it seriously and with no surprise all of them managed to ace the exam. Yeah, being an NLU student I can verify that it is actually a 180-degree flip. Simply put, there work a little bit harder than others and you are already in the 1% group.

Torso: Here’s where it gets interesting. Subject-wise tips (The paper pattern was very different when I wrote CLAT; therefore, some tips might not be relevant for you anymore. I have tried my best though!)

·        General Knowledge: Current affairs: Refer as many sources as you can, instead of mugging up from one website refer ten sources and you will notice that it will be too tough for your brain to forget those repeated questions. Two advantages if you follow this rule. Firstly, you will get more information about the same news from different sources. Secondly, repeated news will be most important and by the time you refer 10 sources, all important news would’ve already been registered in your mind. Mostly, GK section will be dominated by Current affairs that mostly cover news from November to April. Still the best source will be the Newspapers & magazine articles.

·        Legal Aptitude:

1. The most interesting section needs a lot of practice and reading abilities. You need to now work more upon your comprehension and inferential skills.

2. Now, practicing past year papers is NOT all that you have to do. You need to refer to news articles and focus upon legal debates and discussions that are going on!

3. Prior legal knowledge is now not important, therefore, practice as many mock tests as you can, build up your inferential reasoning and bring in time efficiency.

·        Maths: CLAT has never gone beyond medium level Maths questions. Also, it is something which we all have done in the past. Remember, you just can’t afford to lose in this section because most of the candidates just ignore this section thinking it constitutes only 10 percent of the weightage. If you like the subject, make sure you get a two-digit figure above fifteen. Even if you don’t like the subject, try to reach somewhere around 8-9 marks. Guys, seriously there is no choice with you. And, it is actually manageable. And due to the change in pattern, all you have to do learn how to interpret bar graphs and pie charts and that’s all! 

·        Logical Reasoning: Only mocks can prepare you for this section. Why not books? Books will give you basic understanding but if you have to solve the question in the exam you need to know how to solve it within a couple of seconds which can only be learned with the help of mocks. It gives you the right amount of pressure while solving the question and it won’t let you go off the track like giving 20 minutes for a five-mark puzzle. Also, refer to some videos for tips that will help you solve the questions really quickly. As far as critical reasoning is concerned, I believe what worked for me was doing a few questions as many times as possible and understanding the right amount of logic which I have to apply rather than practicing new questions every other time. And again READ and building Comprehension are the keys to ACE CLAT 2020!

·        English: It won’t be an understatement if I said it is the easiest section out of all. Refer a few books for Grammar. It is very basic grammar which you might already know and will take you very little time to recall. Then, practice reading comprehension and Para jumbles almost daily if you can. And there is no right amount of emphasis which can be laid on Vocabulary. You have to practice it each and every day. It is something that cannot be mastered overnight. If you have a lot of time you can refer newspapers and novels to practice each and everything which comes inside this section. Did I just make this section sound very easy? Indeed, it is. Especially now, when you are already reading for legal and logical, you actually don’t have to prepare English separately.


This one has some tips based on what I learnt while preparing for the exam and some resources which will make your life a little bit easy.

1.    You don’t have to be a master when you start your CLAT journey, I have seen students boasting they can crack the exam without preparation securing worst ranks and students who thought it was impossible for them to crack this nut enrolling themselves in the best colleges of India.

2.    You need a perfect blend of smart work and hard work.

3.    Giving Fifteen hours a day is not necessary but 2 hours a day is also not enough. You have to assess your strengths and where you stand and accordingly decide how much effort you need to put. Plus, if you put 15 hours a day there will be no harm. The results will be in your favour only.

4.    Being PROACTIVE is what you need. I remember how I used to appear for each and every offline mock which any coaching center in my city organized. Endless brainstorming sessions with your peers and faculties are very helpful.

5.    Trust me, you just don’t know the benefits of cracking this exam. Though life won’t be easy after the exam still, it provides you the perfect opportunity to embark on a journey that can change your whole life.

6.    All these concepts which you are learning for the exam will be very useful in Law School.


Resources which you should use:

·        Current affairs:-

– Compendiums

– Youtube Channels & Blogs

– Newspaper articles

– Mocks

·        Mathematics:-

– Books (R.S Agarwal).

– Youtube channels

– Mocks

·        English:

– Books & Newspapers  (for reading)

– Mocks

·        Legal Aptitude:

– News articles

– Mocks

·        Logical Reasoning:

– Books (R.S Agarwal, M.k Pandey)

– Editorials and newspaper articles

– Past papers

– Mocks

Legs: One quote which I glued on the wall next to my bed and which over the period of one year glued on my brain as well, “THE FUTURE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO PREPARE FOR IT TODAY”

That’s it from my side.

Write back. Tell me what you thought. I’d love to hear from you.


Since solving mock tests on new paper is important, you can check Acing CLAT’s sample papers in the resource section after login. GNLU students have designed the mock test papers for the upcoming law students; who else will better guide you than those who have been there and done that!

Stay Safe & All the Best!

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