How NOT to prepare for CLAT?

Hello everyone!

You guys might come across a lot of articles or videos telling you about all the things that you need to do rather you should do to Ace your entrances……but have you ever thought about the things that you might be doing, but you should not be doing?

Therefore, today we will look at the things that you should avoid in order to prepare efficiently and Ace your goals!

Most important mistake that aspirants commit while preparing is that, you keep on studying first and keep your mock tests for later (mostly because you want to score well while solving them). But this is an incorrect way to go about it. Instead of this, what you should do is start solving mock tests as soon as you start preparing, so that you can check and analyze your growth (in scores and time management, both). Because mock scores will not get you admission in the universities therefore, even if you score low in the beginning there will be a point in time when you will score well. Additionally, it is the conceptual clarity that you need to have in mind and you will get to know how much you need to study more and what all topics need to be brushed upon; only after you practice and analyze those mock tests.

Another mistake you might be making is that you are solving questions individually and subject/topic wise. If you are doing this, it will cost you a lot of time. Therefore, once you have gone through the topics thoroughly, instead of again and again solving the questions from books go for mock tests, previous year papers, sample papers, etc. This will allow you to build exam temperament and you will be able to practice while keeping multiple topics in mind and solve the questions. Because it is obvious, the paper will not be based on a particular topic. And after giving mock tests, when you realize that you are not performing well in a particular section/topic, you can go for just practice that topic and SAVE TIME! 

Especially for CLAT 2020 (due to change in pattern):

   If you are relying on previous year papers, you should stop and instead look out for sample papers and mock tests, which are based on the new paper pattern.

   If your vocabulary is weak and you are focusing on cramming new big words, you are committing another mistake. I would suggest that you rather start reading and focus more upon comprehension. Because the new paper will be full of paragraphs and will question your comprehension and inferential skills.

   If you are one of those who fear mathematics and used to skip the same because of less weightage; I would suggest that this time there is no calculation and formulas involved, rather you will be tested on your interpretation skills. In a competitive exam like such, even a single number makes a huge difference.

   Some of you think that reading newspapers or articles is not important. But it is! Because this time you will not be getting direct questions, rather contextual, paragraph based questions. READ NEWSPAPERS!

One mistake that majority of you might be making is trying to attempt as many questions as you can in those 120 minutes. But you all need to understand the very fact that here, wrong attempts will not give you bonus for attempting but will rather fetch you that negative mark of 0.25. Therefore, my suggestion is to avoid attempting the questions that you are unsure of and not lose 0.25.

Another mistake that most of you all make is that you analyze you performance just on the basis of the marks that you scored. You should rather be analyzing your performance on the basis of your ranks and compare them from the last mock that you gave and whether you repeated mistakes of your last mocks. Therefore, go for an in-depth analysis; instead of relying just on the scores and lose your patience. 

Other things that you can avoid while preparing are: your general life habits. For example avoid sleeping or playing from 3-5pm, because you will not be able to concentrate properly in you actual exam if you are in habit of doing something else in that time slot. Do not give up and be patient, keep practicing. CLAT 2020 will be testing your comprehension, inferential and interpretation skills; therefore, work upon it.

Since solving mock tests on new paper is important, you can check Acing CLAT’s sample papers in the resource section after login. GNLU students have designed the mock test papers for the upcoming law students; who else will better guide you than those who have been there and done that! 

All the best!

                                                                                                         -Divisha Agarwal

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