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Why Choose Acing CLAT ?

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Recorded Lessons by NLUites

After analysis of new pattern, syllabus and recent trend, NLUites have recorded lessons on major topics of each section, essential for CLAT & Other Law Entrances. 

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Mentorship Calls from NLUites

Our team of NLUites (CLAT’20 & CLAT’21 toppers) are going to guide you through 2-3 monthly video & telephonic calls till CLAT & AILET law entrance examinations.

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Quality Study Material

You will never short fall of quality content curated by India’s top NLUites, such as monthly section-wise practice sheets (both passage based & direct MCQs) & study materials. 

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Test Series Curated by NLUites

All the mock test series for CLAT & AILET are curated by toppers from CLAT 2020-21 & AILET 2020-21 and are experts in content development. 

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Results in the Initial Years

Started in 2020 only & our students are reaching to National Law Schools, including NLSIU, NALSAR, NLIU, GNLU, NLUJ, RMLNLU, RGNUL, HNLU, etc.

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Affordable Programs

Our objective is to make your preparation feasible and viable for you, to access quality content & right guidance of NLUites during your preparation year.

Review by Toppers

Abhishek Saha (NUJS Kolkata)
Abhishek Saha (NUJS Kolkata)AIR 220 (CLAT 2021)
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Acing CLAT is great institute with good mocks and great mentors who help you throughout your CLAT journey and they have great compendiums and study materials to help you in your preparation.
AnshpreetsIngh Chowdhary (NLU Delhi)
AnshpreetsIngh Chowdhary (NLU Delhi)AIR 76 (AILET 2020) AIR 261 (CLAT 2020)
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Acing CLAT has been a wonderful institute which emphasizes on self studying. The question bank provided by them is adequate and perfectly in lines with the CLAT paper. The mentoring sessions conducted by them help the students recognise their own abilities, increases their understanding and also gives them a proper sense of direction for their preperation. Overall, this institute is very reliable and especially good for students who aren't comfortable with the traditional 'coaching'.
Saksham Vaishya (NLU Delhi)
Saksham Vaishya (NLU Delhi)AIR 52 (AILET 2020)
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Acing CLAT, has been really helpful to the students. Apart from the conventional material and ways, the mentorship program of Acing CLAT is an amazing initiative. Law aspirants receive guidance from their seniors itself, who are from the NLUs where the aspirants wish to reach.
Diya Agarwal (NLU Delhi)
Diya Agarwal (NLU Delhi)AIR 67 (AILET 2020) AIR 148 (CLAT 2020)
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Acing CLAT, is a great institute which helps you in your preparation of CLAT. Their new initiative of personal mentorship by the NLU’s students makes this institution different from other institutions which used conventional ways. Here, the mocks and question banks are prepared by the NLU’s students themselves and they make them perfectly in line of the CLAT pattern. I would like to recommend this institute to anyone who wants the legal school of their choice.
Raj Shukla (CLAT 2020)
Raj Shukla (CLAT 2020)GNLU Gandhinagar
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Talking about Acing CLAT makes me feel good and bad at the same time. Good because I had the opportunity to interact with such great people here, and bad because I wasn't aware of such a great institute during my CLAT preparation days. This is the institute that I would recommend to anyone who wants to reach their potential and get the law school they want.
Janshi Naik (CLAT 2020)
Janshi Naik (CLAT 2020)GNLU Gandhinagar
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What makes Acing CLAT different from traditional CLAT coaching institutes is that the courses, test series & other study materials are prepared by NLUites who are currently pursuing their degree at top NLUs of India after clearing CLAT in 2020 & 2021. The mentorship programme is something best that Acing CLAT offers. Students tend of underperform when they lack certain amount of uncertainty. Having constant sessions with the mentors help students clear all their doubts and work with the utmost clarity.

What Do We Offer?

If you are in 11th then “Foundation” course is curated for you. If you are in 12th or a re-taker, then you can enroll in “Booster” or “Premium” course. The sole purpose of providing courses is to make your self study easy, affordable and viable for acing CLAT and other law entrances. The programs are perfect companions to streamline the preparation and provide ample practice to the aspirants on the latest paper pattern & syllabus of the law entrances. 

Designed to complement your preparation for CLAT, AILET & other law entrances.  Designed after thorough analysis of the recent trend, new paper pattern & syllabus of CLAT & AILET covering the range of expected questions. We also provide complete mock analysis and detailed analysis in the answer key. The team of NLUites create all level of mock tests- easy, medium and difficult so that you can practice all types of mocks and prepares you for any challenge.

We believe that excellence is not a gift,
but a skill that takes practice.

Take chances, make mistakes
that's how you grow !

Reach out to us with all your doubts, queries and we would be happy to answer it all as soon as possible.

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